Impression SanJieLiu, Guilin

Impression SanJieLiu was one of the most well-known stage performance in China, which made the Town, Yangshuo, in Guilin, known to people in China, or even in the World.

The show has been running since 2002, as the cultural/spiritual pursuit starts to rise rapidly, especially among the young generations, the show business begins to fall. As a result of that, we are working with the client to reimagine the show and the neighborhood in order to revitalize the culture and to bring more young people to the destination.


Our goal is to generate sheltered places that can fulfill the commercial requirements as well as providing another layer of value to the place where visitors can experience the culture of the show all time before and after the performance, during the daytime and in the evening.  At such a preserved natural place, what we need to keep and what we can reconfigure, certainly become the essence of the design.

Lanterns vary in sizes becoming lighting fixtures and creating spaces, along the path leading to the performing stage. The undulating canopies are all made of local bamboo materials and are also structurally supported by the existing bamboo clusters.

An “invisible” approach, we believe, gives the show much vitality and brings the show much more possibilities in the future.

PARTNERS:  Hanxiao Liu, Luís Ricardo, David Correa

LEAD ARCHITECT: Henry D’Ath, Lihua Mi

PROJECT TEAM: Dalin Chai, Yihui Zhao, Chaoran Fan, Lexian Kenneth Hu, Yang Wang, Alyssa Tang

PROJECT STATUS: Under Construction

YEAR: September 2018 – Present

PROJECT LOCATION: Yangshuo, Guilin, China


PROGRAM: Pavilion Space / Circulation Space / Sales Space / Exhibition Space


GCPS Interior Decoration Finishing LTD.

DC-Bamboo Architecture

Shanghai di cui Landscaping Co., Ltd.



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