LEO Digital Network

LEO Digital Network is the top digital agency in China for creative digital marketing services, ranging from media to e-commerce to mobile to smart TV. Operating in both local and global mar- kets, the network agency has approxi- mately 600 employees (mostly between 20-30 years of age) and a client list that includes both international heavy hitters and local startups, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Costa, Lindt, Michelin, Suntory as well as many other well- known and leading companies. Vitalized by the youth of the New Chinese gen- eration, LEO has become a role model in the creative industry of China. The consistent search for innovative ideas and the recent restructuring of the rm also brought an opportunity to create a refreshing new image and to take the company culture to a completely new level. LLLab – an experimental collaboration initiated in Germany and currently based in Shanghai, Stuttgart and Porto.
Was requested to design the new LEO of ce in Shanghai, provoking and rede ning the stereotypically imagined work space in China.

PARTNERS: Luís Ricardo, Hanxiao Liu

PROJECT TEAM: Wiebke Beyer


YEAR: April 2015 – August 2015

PROJECT LOCATION: 15-16F, Tower A, Orient International Yuanzhong Building, No.2900 North Zhongshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


PROGRAM: Office Space/ Event Space

COLLABORATOR: Hooyi Displays & Fixtures Industries Co., Ltd.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Peter Dixie (LOTAN Photography), Allan Grillo



llLab. is a design laboratory for investigation and experimentation; our aim is not to make projects but to inspire curiosity. We are designers, architects, researchers and makers, and at our core, we are craftsmen. We have curious minds and are passionate and rigorous about the process of making.

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No.22, Lane 506, Jian Guo West Road, Shanghai (former French Concession Area)