San She House

In the beginning, was just a thought, an intent to trace.

We ought to travel far, away from noises of the city; we might stay close, by the humming of past tales.

Is it a place, a person, or a point in time, that makes us falter? At times, what is now the past, may still linger, longings to return do not justify the initial departure. Some change and others perpetually remain; but do not look back,

the wondrous, even unnoticed, is right here.We smile and we laugh, as happiness is around the corner, we then sit at door steps,surveying the vast landscape;by turning off lights,we face a splendid sky.

It is about beauty, a return to innocence. After all nothing is inherent;
it takes place when shared,
joy, the incipience of meaning.

Foot of a mountain, edge of the ancient walls; morning cloud, mid-day sun, evening breeze.

We strip off the unnecessary,
to step into a space as plain as each basic emo- tion; to relish in the lavishness of simplicity.

Out there, blue sky, fresh air, all that we need, nothing else.



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