Weaving Carbon-fiber Pavilion

Grid shell structures are widely used in many types of buildings. In this paper the author proposes a new grid shell structure, which is pre-tensioned by stretchable membrane. Through iterative process between physical modelling and computational simulation, one pavilion is finally presented as a demonstration of the architectural performance of this structure. This idea is based on my previous research, ”Shrink FIlm Architecture.”
 First, the carbon fiber rods, cut in specific lengths, are laid down on the ground. Second, connecting the intersection points makes the grid structure. Third, the stretchable membrane is attached to the fiber grid from the center by zip-ties, while pulling the membrane taut. Fourth, after the attachment of the fiber and the membrane, the stainless pipe for the base is installed. Finally, by moving the fiber and the membrane, some of the fiber edges are fixed into the stainless pipe.


Co-Member : Jun Shimada, Kantaro Makanae, Masayuki Takiguchi,

Aisa Arikawa, Takanori Ishii, Liija Li, Tatsunori Shibuya and
Masatoshi Nishizato.

Photo: Jun Shimada




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